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Business Information Group. International Ltd
srykiel1ABOUT US:
Was founded in 1989 on the idea of "Providing Excellent Client Quality Service supported by a Guarantee of Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency". This belief of its founders is its business DNA. Essentially, the ethics and nature that are the reflections of the founders backgrounds, experiences, education, and most important their philosophies - their "Weltgeist".
Business Information Group. International Ltd and its founders Frank Cronfalk & Stephen Richter understand the requirements of prospective buyers and sellers, as well as the issues that arise during negotiations. We offer a comprehensive array of services aimed at maximizing their opportunities and minimizing the misunderstandings common to any business combination.
We are primarily focused towards being the most efficient and creative Merchant Bankers and Traders in the Precious Metals ,Commodities and financing Utilities and operating mines and businesses.
How we conduct our business, and the way we treat our clients, suppliers, partners and joint ventures, distinguishes us from others in the industry. It’s our driving Modus Operandi and the reason we mutually succeed, our mantra towards a "Win-Win" - Raison d’être.
It is our company culture to treat you, your company, your people, and your objectives with respect, honesty and transparency supported by a solid work ethic. All this without time constraints which means having a "Do what it takes to get the job done attitude" to satisfy your expectations.
We know from past experience that this leads to an enjoyable experience while making each other’s goals successful, in all dimensions. Join us in our pursuit of EXECELLENCE. Our Modus Operandi is the genesis of mutual success for us and our clients because of: Analysing each transaction, the Principals involved, and the business landscape;
Developing a business roadmap and critical path that maps out the transaction’s direction, procedures, and a realistic timeline; All this with the clients and partners on-going concurrence based on continuous on-going collaboration, honest feedback, pragmatic and adaptive planning to prevent the potential "Murphy’s Law" of deals and life
Our Mission
Providing a competitive advantage, by focusing on customer satisfaction, which makethe partnershope competitive wordl wide
Our Vision
To be Your World Wide Business Partner
We hope you would take a litle time to browse through our site to see the opertunities for working together with us in the future !
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